Hi. I’m Kevin J. Dolan.

I’m writing a book about getting a job in tech.


It’s Free (for now)

I’ve been working on my book for over a year and I want to make it as useful as possible, so I’m releasing it for free, one chapter at a time. The only thing that I ask in return is honest feedback.


Everything you ever wanted to know about technical interviews (but were too afraid to ask)


I’m a Software Engineer

I’ve been working as a Software Engineer professionally for ten years. I’ve interviewed with dozens of real companies to research this book and figure out frameworks for answering all common types of interview questions. As the CTO of Metric Collective, I’ve also conducted over a hundred interviews, so I’ve seen the process from both sides.

The Insider Tips That Get The Job


More Than Just Test Prep

Getting a job in tech means more than just passing a screen for technical aptitude; it’s about creating a holistic personal narrative that convinces employers you can do that job. In my book, I discuss the entire process from defining what you want to get out of your career all the way to your first year on the job.